TNVR – Trap Neuter Vaccinate Return and how you can help

Community cats (ferals, strays, abandoned cats) need your help year round but more so in the cold winter months – yes even in desert states the evenings get cold, especially for babies!

Cat-loving volunteers across the country help save these animals for a better life (some can be adopted). These community-minded volunteers provide a much needed service by limiting the cat population that lives outside. It doesn’t come free. Its success relies on donations from people like you who want to help.

Pick something from the list below (or several somethings)  >^.,.^<  and bring them to your nearest shelter that helps cats. Call your local animal control officer. They can’t take the cats from their colonies in most states but most would like to help cats. Tell them you want the items donated to their TNR or TNVR people. Search the internet for the nearest TNR or Feral Group in your area and ask where they’d like the donations placed – and what they need most.

• Frontline flea medicine – Large dog size is most economical (dosing will be special for cats & kittens)

• Wet and dry adult cat food

• Wet & dry kitten food (especially needed late winter into summer)

• Have-A-Heart traps

• Cages or animal crates like those found at Ocean State Job Lot

• Totes or bins to be made into shelters

• Large dog crates to be made into shelters

• Rigid foam insulation or flexible insulation with a protective coating (not fiberglass)

• Tarps & all-weather tape for creating weather resistant shelters

• Stainless steel bowls for food and water (stainless cleans up well, doesn’t break, can be warmed enough to limit freezing)

• Hand warmers/snuggle safe discs (place under water bowl to keep it from freezing fast)

• Gas cards for driving back and forth to clinic

• Pee pads for under traps while recuperating from surgery

• Kitty litter (clumping / unscented) for post surgery recovery period

• Powder KMR (kitten milk) Step One

• Toys (without small objects) & cardboard scratchers

• New pet beds

• Donation checks at the TNR clinics in the name of the TNR trapper